Only in Singapore, You Can...

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before breakfast, trek in a rainforest where there are more vegetation varieties than those found in the whole of the north American continent, have authentic Chinese Dim Sum for breakfast; flag down a taxi and watch the morning news with in-taxi Mobile TV; meet in modern offices equaled to those found in Tokyo or New York; have Indian cusine like curry, chapati for lunch; attend an exhibition in world class exhibition halls; have an English Tea break; shop for things from all over the world; choose cuisine from any continent for dinner; catch a world class concert at the Esplanade for $$$ or a neighbourhood Chinese Opera for FREE; Maybe a couple round of Blackjacks or free island-wide surfing on the internet; retire for the night at a hotel from a backpacker class to the 5 star Shangri-la. And all this in a day.

Every destination is no more than an hour away even by public transport, you can do all this and more, any budget any time. Do you know that Singapore has summer all year round? Singapore is clean and green too. In Singapore, you can also find tiger; lagoon; food; health; club; library; hotel81; This site is sponsored by Pagenation: Singapore KL Penang Malacca Bangkok, Jakarta and Dubai.