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Bengawan Solo Cake Shop

Bengawan Solo Pte Ltd
23 Woodlands Link
Singapore 738730
Tel: 6756 9088 Fax: 6756 9089

General Enquiry: Tel: 6756 9098
Corporate Enquiry: Tel: 6756 9113
Website: bengawansolo.com.sg

Bengawan Solo was founded in 1979 by Tjendri Anastasia, originally from Indonesia. Anastasia has always been very passionate about baking and so she spent most of her time learning the art from her mother and relatives. In 1973, Anastasia came to Singapore where she met her husband, Johnson Liew. After getting married, Anastasia’s interest in Indonesian delicacies continued in the little home kitchen of her HDB flat. One of her favourite pastimes was entertaining friends and relatives with her Indonesian specialties. Gradually, word of the existence of her tasty goodies got around, and, before she knew it, orders for her cakes and kueh came rolling in. Her home-made specialties even made it onto the shelves of some supermarkets and emporiums, albeit produced without a food manufacturing licence. When officials from the Ministry of Environment finally caught up with her and her unlicenced food production, she was warned and instructed to stop her home baking business. The incident turned out to be a blessing in disguise as it led to Anastasia’s decision to set up the very first Bengawan Solo Cake Shop in Marine Terrace.   With more than 20 traditional varieties, each of a unique flavour to select from, you will be spoilt for choice. Among the favourites are our mouth-watering Lapis Sagu (9- storey Kueh) and Kueh Salat.

Kueh Lapis - Mouth-Watering, fresh cinnamon flavour, batter baked tier by tier to perfection, our famous Kueh Lapis simply melt in your mouth and is Truly Irresistible.

Pineapple Tarts - With just the right amount of sweetness, fresh pineapple filling encrusted within a thin flaky pastry, our pineapple tarts promise sheer enjoyment with every bite. Ideal as a gift and a truly exotic local souvenir for friends overseas. It's Simply Irresistible.